William Steuck
 Allan Sigman
 Jim Sigman
Randy1Randy Sigman

Responding to the need for a commercial printing company in Dubuque, William Steuck founded Union Printing Company in  1894. Originally located at 135 West 5th Street, in 1927 Union Printing Company relocated across the street into a two-story building at 158 West 5th Street.  In 1937, Allan Sigman took over the business from his father-in-law and moved its operation to a larger four-story facility at 456 Main Street in Dubuque.

In 1949, Jim Sigman joined his father’s company. As urban renewal projects got under way, Union Printing Company along with other downtown Dubuque businesses began to look for alternative locations. During this same period, a chance meeting between Jim Sigman and Stan Accola, owner of Hoermann Press, led to the eventual merger of the two companies. Thus, in 1968, Union-Hoermann Press was born. The blending of employees and equipment required more space, resulting in the construction of the present facility at 2175 Kerper Boulevard in Dubuque.

During the 1970’s, Union-Hoermann Press experienced phenomenal growth.  This allowed for outdated equipment to be replaced with more efficient machinery, enabling productivity to reach an all time high. It was also during this decade that Allan Sigman’s health began to decline, and his son Jim took over day-to-day business operations. Working up to his final days, Allan Sigman passed away in 1986. And a few years later, his longtime friend and associate, Stan Accola retired from the company.  This was the time that Jim’s sons, Randy and Brian entered the family business.

In 1985, Randy Sigman got his start as an account representative and in 1989, Brian Sigman began working in the bindery.  Throughout the 1990’s Randy was responsible for the day-to-day operations and continued growth of the company.  Additional account representatives were added along with a building expansion.

In 2009, Jim Sigman passed away leaving Brian as Facilities Manager and Randy as President.