Educational Plant Tours

Union-Hoermann Press has a rich history of providing plant tours, instructional sessions, lectures, and curriculum advisement. We feel strongly that a general knowledge and understanding of the processes of print production is invaluable to our customers, to educators, and to the next generation of designers and printers.

A Union-Hoermann Press plant tour will afford you a first-hand observation and understanding of the entire print process. It is important that print buyers and designers grasp everything that happens with their particular print job once the electronic files are handed to Union-Hoermann Press.

While technology and equipment are ever-changing, the craft of putting ink-to-paper is virtually the same as it was generations ago.  That message comes through when people walk through our facility and are greeted by our gifted staff.  We take pride in highlighting that while we utilize state-of-the-art equipment, we still believe in the tried-and-true processes of producing the highest quality printing.

In addition to our plant tours, Union-Hoermann Press continues to be committed to the future of our industry by offering our expertise in college/university lectures, student work critiques, and curriculum advisement committee memberships.  Call or email us to learn more.