Environmental Awareness

Union-Hoermann Press is committed to environmentally friendly printing, mailing, and business practices. We print with vegetable-based inks, offer a wide array of recycled and alternative-fiber papers, and advise customers about how to green their projects. In addition, we recycle all our post-production material, from waste paper to aluminum plates.

Talk with Us about Your Green Initiatives

Let our long experience with green printing work for you. We’ll consult with you about earth friendly papers and inks and about ways to conserve resources while conducting robust marketing campaigns.

How To Make Your Projects Environmentally Friendly


  • Contact your Union-Hoermann Press Print Consultant  before designing to minimize the paper, fuel and money that can be wasted.
  • Plan on 2-sided versus 1-sided printing.
  • If planning for a campaign of multiple pieces, produce all pieces at the same time for possible gang runs and maximum efficiency.


  • Use paper that has post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content. Union-Hoermann Press carries a wide variety of recycled and environmentally friendly papers.


  • Use vegetable-based inks. Union-Hoermann Press uses vegetable-based inks as a standard in our printing process.
  • Avoid metallic and/or fluorescent inks whenever possible.
  • Use a water-based aqueous coating instead of UV or lamination.

End Use

  • Encourage the end-user to recycle the product when finished.
  • Promote the environmental friendliness of your product through use of logos and credits.


  • Target, target, target! Mail to a targeted segment that will find your piece relevant instead of a mass mailing that lacks personal relevance.
  • When providing multiple mailing lists, ask for a merge/purge process to be done on the lists to avoid mailing duplicates.
  • Ensure that you or your mail provider provides NCOA services and update your records for future mailings.  As standard procedure, Union-Hoermann Press includes the NCOA process for all presorted mail lists.
  • Consistently update and purge your mail list with any returned mail to avoid resending in the future.
  • To avoid unnecessary returns, confirm that suite or apartment numbers are included in the data where needed.
  • Use your mail provider’s postal permit whenever possible to avoid extra freight costs.

Your Union-Hoermann Press Print Consultant will guide you through the most efficient and effective project possible.  And take the time to Check The Facts about the sustainability of paper.